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Click on paintings to view larger, full images. F = Framed
Littlest Chef
The Littlest Chef 10"x8"$175
Kids Just Wanna Have Fun 10"x12"$300
Frolic 8"x10"$175
Spray 8"x10" F$175
Bug whisperer
Bug Whisperer 8"x10" F F$200
The Archer
The Archer 16"x 20" F F$325
Painting Emily Painting(1)
Painting Emily Painting 8"x8" (on cradled board)$175
Brooke 6"x6" F$85
Face Painting
Face Painting 6"x6" (board) F$85
Cami at Two.1
Cami at Two 5"x7" F$90
Is it safe
Is it safe to go in the water? 8"x10" F$150
Surfer Girl
Surfer girl 8" x 10" F$150
Birdy Whistle_edited_edited
The Birdy Whistle 14" x 11" F$300
The kite_edited_edited
The Kite 12"x16"$300
Leilah 8" x 10" F F$175
Tiny Dancers 12" x 16"$300
Prices don’t include shipping & packaging.