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Back to the Garden show – April 8

Not to get too political, but I am becoming fearful for our children and their children, and the world we are leaving them in the wake of changes to environmental laws of late.  Will they have clean air to breathe? Will they be able to swim in the ocean and see beautiful sea creatures or will there be a brown cesspool covering much of the earth? Will there be bees to pollinate and butterflies flittering in the summer sun to delight them?  I try to capture children’s fun in the natural world as we know it today, even in the face of the loss of species, calcification of coral reefs, decrease in bee population.

Many fellow artists have the same concerns and are expressing them in different forms at the upcoming show at Fabulon, 1017 Wappoo Rd in Charleston, opening April 8.  (For more details, go to fabulon.com)  I have 4 pieces being exhibited in this show, including Surfer Girl and Is it safe to go in the water (seen under “portraits”).



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