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Cami, almost Three

Cami, almost 3

Cami, almost 3

I painted Cami’s sister, Mia, at two, and it was the first portrait I ever sold.  This portrait was done for Cami’s grandmother as a commissioned piece.

The challenge with this painting was to capture Cami’s very fair skin in the bright sunlight.  I found I had to add more color to emphasize her cheeks, and soften her laugh lines that, while they looked blue in the photo, were too harsh in the painting.  I ended up toning them down with some pink and yellow ochre.

I haven’t actually seen Cami since she was a tiny baby, her family was stationed off the US mainland with the Army for the past 3 years.  I am anxious to see all of them when they return around Christmastime, all more grown up!


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