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Month of Alanna/Allana

Alanna at 3Allana L

Just finished my second commission this month of girls named Alanna/Allana.

The first was painted for a former grade school and high school classmate; he asked me to paint his grandchild as a special surprise Christmas present for his son and daughter-in-law.  That would be Alanna at 3.  Such a cheerful little girl to paint, with a charming smile and sparkly eyes.  I could tell from the photo that she is a spirited child.

The one I finished today is Allana L, the 12th in a series of Gloria’s grandchildren, a beautiful young woman with soulful eyes.  Gloria has two more grandkids for me to paint, and I think she is hoping there will be another one coming along after that.

I love doing commissions!

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