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Pure fun

Hi folks,

I am working on a series of paintings on kids at the beach.  I love to people watch when I am sitting on the beach, and watching kids is the most fun. Fortunately I can now do this more often, since I live in the Charleston, SC area, a 35 minute drive to any number of beaches!  I want to sit in the sand and build castles with the children, or hop on a boogie board and skid along the beach’s edge.

I have started painting on small format boards, which is proving to have a learning curve.  I love the finished product, which is more smooth than painting on canvas.  I’m working on loosening up my work, and the boards sort of force the issue.

I have begun listing my paintings on Daily Paintworks in an effort to reach a wider audience and hopefully sell some of the smaller work.  I am also open to commission work. Check out my latest at :http://www.dailypaintworks.com/artists/linda-delia-5184/artwork/#/category=children&mode=search

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