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Click on paintings to view larger, full images. F = Framed
A Walk in the Woods 10"x10" F F$235
Alone 10'x10" F$235
It’s Complicated 10"x10" F$235
Guanajuato 11" x 14" acryl on ppr$125
Happy Little Clouds 2 11" x 14" acryl on ppr F F$235
In the Midst 11" x 14" acryl on ppr F F$235
Peacock 14"x20" F F$325
Hot Fun in the Summertime 21x26 acryl on ppr F$400
Tropical Storm I 18"x24" on paper$225
Plant Life 18"x24" on paper F$450
Home Remedy 18"x24" on paper$225
Zoom Collaboration 18"x24" on paper$225
Promise 2 11"x14" acrylic on ppr 2 0f 2$75
Red Thread 11" x 14" acryl on ppr F$250.00
Promise 1 9" x 12" acrylic on ppr 1 of 2$75
Pink Buttercream 12"x12" on canvas$185
Prices don’t include shipping & packaging.