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Click on paintings to view larger, full images. F = Framed
Dancing Shoes 11"x14" FNFS
Sweet Dreams 9"x12"
Rainy Day Mouse 12"x12"
Pat & Don 16"x20"
Superheroes in Training 16"x20"
Lulu in the Garden of Peace 12"x12"
Anna and Danny 16"x20" F
Annika 8"x10"
Wee Weatherman 12"x16"
Allyse 8"x10"
Bud and Filomena 12"x18"
Allana L 8" x 10"
Mia at 6 8"x10" F
The Swing 8"x10"
Cami, Almost Three 8"x10"
Wyatt 8"x10"
Prices don’t include shipping & packaging.