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Painting in the Plain Air (plein air painting)

In early April, I went to Wannamaker Park in North Charleston, SC, with my paintbox and a small canvas. I have never been very enthusiastic about painting landscapes, but that first experience had me hooked. I have now completed 4 small pieces that I started outdoors.

Painting outdoors (the term plein air was started with the Impressionists in France) is a lot harder than it looks! There are so many shades of green! The sun moves around and changes your composition within hours! On Beautiful Beaufort, it was a good thing I had taken pictures of the scene when I started, because the tide went out and messed up my water painting! These works will be posted as soon as my web developer can help me add a new “Nature” page.

Zap! Superheroes in Training

I just finished this commissioned piece for the Mom of these two boys.  The painting is a gift for her husband, who is a fan of comic superheroes.  I thought it would be fun to put the boys against a background reminiscent of a comic book.  She loves it!


Art in the Arboretum

Eleven of my paintings are being offered through an online sale through the Wilmington Art in the Arboretum sale.  30% of the proceeds go to the Arboretum.  Please go to artinthearboretum.com to purchase.  Wouldn’t someone you love like a more unique holiday gift this year?  How about some original art? There are various sizes of work available, all at affordable prices, some featured below.


More time to paint during the time of COVID19


I finished two paintings this week (well, the little boy one was started a few weeks ago, but still). I’m going in for a third.   Tropical Storm I (short for Isaias, which nobody could pronounce or spell), was inspired and painted during the storm’s trip through South Carolina.  Hungarian Farmer Gen 4 is my great nephew, aged 2, supervising his beloved chickens.  I loved the subject, but the frosting on the cake, so to speak, was the dappled light on the grass.  It will be on it’s way to the boy’s Geeg (grandmother) for her birthday after it is varnished and framed.

The more the world of commerce opens up, and the higher the infection rate of the Virus goes, the more we stay inside.  Hence, more time for painting.  We ask one another on Friday night, “What do you want to do this weekend?”  The answer is the same each week, for now…we don’t want to go where there are crowds, so we pretty much stay home.

We are glad for Zoom and Facetime, so at least we can see friends’ and loved ones’ faces and hear their voices.  Look for regular updates on my instagram (lindadeliafineart) and facebook (deliafineart) pages.

Feeding America


I recently ran a special sale to benefit Feeding America and the Food Bank for New York.  I was happy to be able to raise almost $600!  Two of my small, abstract seascapes were sold to an old friend from high school (he kindly sent me a pic of the two hanging in his home), and the other was sold to a woman in Texas.  The deal was, if the buyer made a donation directly to the non-profit, I would send them their chosen painting.


I am currently participating in the Instagram campaign#artistsupportpledge and the local #artistsupportpledgechs.  I’ve been posting works for up to $200, and once I reach $1000 in sales, I pledge to buy $200 worth of work from a participating artist.  Anyone can buy my work.  Many artists have lost their income because of COVID19.  Many gallery openings, classes and art shows have been cancelled, leaving artists with no resources aside from the internet to sell work.  I have posted 10 paintings on paper, all under $200, and will continue to post through the duration of the campaign.

The pieces for sale through #artistsupport pledge are found on Instagram at lindadeliafineart, or any art can be purchased through my website: lindadelia.com.

Social Distance

On April 23, 2020, my painting, Social Distance, was included in an article in the Post & Courier about all kinds of artists making art during COVID19 Quarantine.  I painted this intentionally to hold a memory of this weird time in my life.  The colors were painted on first, representing the different people with different feelings and thoughts about the pandemic.  The white paths were painted over the color to create the distance we were required to put between ourselves and our loved ones.  

Rosewood Arts Festival Oct 5

I’m excited to announce I will be setting up a tent full of abstract paintings at the Rosewood Arts Festival in Columbia, SC on Oct 5, 2019!  If you are in the area, please stop by!  I will have work from very small to 24″x30″ available for purchase.

Lulu in the Garden of Peace

This is Lulu.  I finished per portrait just in time for her Grandma’s birthday!  Lulu is 2, and she and her Mommy go to this garden every day to escape the chaos of our world today.  Lulu is learning to count and helps her Mommy remember what is important in life.  As I mentioned, I have been doing abstract painting for about 8 months, and am deliberately letting that genre of painting flow over into my portrait work, as you can see in the background.  I still love doing both, and hope you will think about contacting me to do a portrait of the cute child in your life for either your own home, or for the home of someone you love.

Dual Personality Painter

You may have noticed that I have been branching out into a new form of painting in the past year.

I decided to stretch myself and try abstract painting!  It’s not actually very easy to do, even though it may look like a bunch of paint splatters.

With portrait or still life painting, you know what your subject is supposed to look like.  With abstract, you can either map out a composition, or just paint intuitively.  I’ve done both in my abstract journey.  It is a freeing form of expression, and is still like solving a puzzle, which is how I look at all painting.  Is the composition balanced?  Is there any tension in it, which for abstract work seems to work best.  It’s best to not have things too symmetrical.  Color values, light to dark are used to create interest.  Is there a looseness about it, or is it too tight?

I haven’t given up on painting children’s portraits, in fact I’m working on one now which is a surprise.  But I hope that both forms of painting will cross-pollenate each other, creating a more interesting product.

A Dog and His Girl

Dog and girl

In November, on a bright, unusually warm day, I visited Isle of Palms with my colleague and her children, in order to take photos to work off of for a series I’m working on about children and their environment.  We were happily snapping away when a big dog (I think it’s a Neopolitan Mastiff) and his little girl in a bright orangy swimsuit passed by.  I asked the mom of the little girl if I could take her photo, and she graciously agreed.

So I finally got around to painting this charming scene.  The dog was a challenge, since I’ve never painted the body of a dog before.  This painting and Curiosity were accepted to the North Charleston Arts Fest show at the N. Charleston Colliseum last week.

The 7 month journey

I spent 7 months in 2017 painting a commission for a Christmas present for a military family, him a career Army officer, her the other half of the partnership holding down the home fort while he served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, and stints in the field for months  at a time.  It was a complicated project, because adults have more character in their faces than kids, so I am learning to paint those identifying marks and shadows.   I wanted Danny to recognize the decorations on his uniform, so that was one day’s session with a tiny brush.  I have a special place in my heart for this couple, so I wanted them to recognize themselves and the love I put into the painting.  They seemed surprised when they were presented with the work, hopefully because it was what they least expected, but also because they understood what a special project this was for me.  Anna and Danny are now on the front page of my website.  Please contact me if you might like to have me paint someone special in your life.

Anna & Danny

Anna & Danny


Back to the Garden show – April 8

Not to get too political, but I am becoming fearful for our children and their children, and the world we are leaving them in the wake of changes to environmental laws of late.  Will they have clean air to breathe? Will they be able to swim in the ocean and see beautiful sea creatures or will there be a brown cesspool covering much of the earth? Will there be bees to pollinate and butterflies flittering in the summer sun to delight them?  I try to capture children’s fun in the natural world as we know it today, even in the face of the loss of species, calcification of coral reefs, decrease in bee population.

Many fellow artists have the same concerns and are expressing them in different forms at the upcoming show at Fabulon, 1017 Wappoo Rd in Charleston, opening April 8.  (For more details, go to fabulon.com)  I have 4 pieces being exhibited in this show, including Surfer Girl and Is it safe to go in the water (seen under “portraits”).



Enter to win a small painting!

Check out my facebook page for info about entering to win my small painting “Fingerpainting”.  If you sign up for my newsletter and like my page, you will be entered into the drawing.  Hurry, offer ends Oct 20, drawing on Oct 21.Fingerpaint for cover