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Dual Personality Painter

You may have noticed that I have been branching out into a new form of painting in the past year.

I decided to stretch myself and try abstract painting!  It’s not actually very easy to do, even though it may look like a bunch of paint splatters.

With portrait or still life painting, you know what your subject is supposed to look like.  With abstract, you can either map out a composition, or just paint intuitively.  I’ve done both in my abstract journey.  It is a freeing form of expression, and is still like solving a puzzle, which is how I look at all painting.  Is the composition balanced?  Is there any tension in it, which for abstract work seems to work best.  It’s best to not have things too symmetrical.  Color values, light to dark are used to create interest.  Is there a looseness about it, or is it too tight?

I haven’t given up on painting children’s portraits, in fact I’m working on one now which is a surprise.  But I hope that both forms of painting will cross-pollenate each other, creating a more interesting product.

A Dog and His Girl

Dog and girl

In November, on a bright, unusually warm day, I visited Isle of Palms with my colleague and her children, in order to take photos to work off of for a series I’m working on about children and their environment.  We were happily snapping away when a big dog (I think it’s a Neopolitan Mastiff) and his little girl in a bright orangy swimsuit passed by.  I asked the mom of the little girl if I could take her photo, and she graciously agreed.

So I finally got around to painting this charming scene.  The dog was a challenge, since I’ve never painted the body of a dog before.  This painting and Curiosity were accepted to the North Charleston Arts Fest show at the N. Charleston Colliseum last week.

The 7 month journey

I spent 7 months in 2017 painting a commission for a Christmas present for a military family, him a career Army officer, her the other half of the partnership holding down the home fort while he served in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, and stints in the field for months  at a time.  It was a complicated project, because adults have more character in their faces than kids, so I am learning to paint those identifying marks and shadows.   I wanted Danny to recognize the decorations on his uniform, so that was one day’s session with a tiny brush.  I have a special place in my heart for this couple, so I wanted them to recognize themselves and the love I put into the painting.  They seemed surprised when they were presented with the work, hopefully because it was what they least expected, but also because they understood what a special project this was for me.  Anna and Danny are now on the front page of my website.  Please contact me if you might like to have me paint someone special in your life.

Anna & Danny

Anna & Danny


Back to the Garden show – April 8

Not to get too political, but I am becoming fearful for our children and their children, and the world we are leaving them in the wake of changes to environmental laws of late.  Will they have clean air to breathe? Will they be able to swim in the ocean and see beautiful sea creatures or will there be a brown cesspool covering much of the earth? Will there be bees to pollinate and butterflies flittering in the summer sun to delight them?  I try to capture children’s fun in the natural world as we know it today, even in the face of the loss of species, calcification of coral reefs, decrease in bee population.

Many fellow artists have the same concerns and are expressing them in different forms at the upcoming show at Fabulon, 1017 Wappoo Rd in Charleston, opening April 8.  (For more details, go to fabulon.com)  I have 4 pieces being exhibited in this show, including Surfer Girl and Is it safe to go in the water (seen under “portraits”).



Enter to win a small painting!

Check out my facebook page for info about entering to win my small painting “Fingerpainting”.  If you sign up for my newsletter and like my page, you will be entered into the drawing.  Hurry, offer ends Oct 20, drawing on Oct 21.Fingerpaint for cover

A little bit of everything…an artist’s musings

Brad and Brad

I have launched a twice-monthly blog/email with the above title, look for it on facebook to subscribe and see what I am up to.  The latest is about the painting pictured here with its subjects, Brad and his son, Bradley.  I am currently starting a new portrait for my most loyal collector, featuring her grandchild #12 out of 13.

Month of Alanna/Allana

Alanna at 3Allana L

Just finished my second commission this month of girls named Alanna/Allana.

The first was painted for a former grade school and high school classmate; he asked me to paint his grandchild as a special surprise Christmas present for his son and daughter-in-law.  That would be Alanna at 3.  Such a cheerful little girl to paint, with a charming smile and sparkly eyes.  I could tell from the photo that she is a spirited child.

The one I finished today is Allana L, the 12th in a series of Gloria’s grandchildren, a beautiful young woman with soulful eyes.  Gloria has two more grandkids for me to paint, and I think she is hoping there will be another one coming along after that.

I love doing commissions!

Featured today in Artsy Shark!

Featured today in Artsy Shark!

Great Christmas news, my portrait of my great niece, Mia, was chosen to be featured in today’s Artsy Shark!  Here is the link  http://bit.ly/1NNCSLE.  Mia at 6



Cami was helping her Dad and sister wash the car, and got in on the fun by getting sprayed.  Black and white is something new for me, especially since I don’t actually use black in my paintings.  So the black came out kind of purplish, and I decided to use some yellow in the background to make this portrait pop.  This painting will be one of three “black and white” predominant pieces that will be the center of my upcoming show at the North Charleston Convention Center from 11/5 – 11/28/15.  I will be hanging 23 – 24 pieces for the show.

Bug Whisperer

Bug whispererMy great nephew is one of my favorite subjects.  He’s a very curious 6 year old, and he LOVES bugs!  His grandma took him to a butterfly garden recently and he was thrilled to meet this butterfly up close and personal.  Shortly after that, he and some of his friends devised a way to house a water spider in a special habitat that they put together.

Beach Baby

Beach Baby

This baby was sitting and enjoying the simple fun of playing with water and a pail.  All around her were people standing, running, jumping into the surf.  I loved her bright bathing suit and wanted the challenge of painting the bright pink color.  I decided to do the water in a very expressive way in order to bring in all the colors I wanted in the scene.

Cami, almost Three

Cami, almost 3

Cami, almost 3

I painted Cami’s sister, Mia, at two, and it was the first portrait I ever sold.  This portrait was done for Cami’s grandmother as a commissioned piece.

The challenge with this painting was to capture Cami’s very fair skin in the bright sunlight.  I found I had to add more color to emphasize her cheeks, and soften her laugh lines that, while they looked blue in the photo, were too harsh in the painting.  I ended up toning them down with some pink and yellow ochre.

I haven’t actually seen Cami since she was a tiny baby, her family was stationed off the US mainland with the Army for the past 3 years.  I am anxious to see all of them when they return around Christmastime, all more grown up!


A year of frequent painting

I had a year off from regular full time work, and I loved being able to go to my studio several days a week to paint. Hopefully it helped improve my technique. I started a new job mid-May, with more-than-full-time hours, which leaves me a small hole in my weekend to paint. I am glad I had the time to spend getting lost in the world of paint. I hope to be able to carve more time as my learning curve at my new job tapers off.

My latest piece, The Archer, is of my great nephew, who is becoming a man. He became interested in archery after reading the Hunger Games series, and made a bulls-eye on the trip out that is depicted in the painting.

Feeding Feathered Friends

http://www.dailypaintworks.com/buy/auction/370392Feed Feather Friends

My sisters and I always tried to catch wild birds when we were kids.  This little girl feeding these beautiful cockatiels reminded me of that child-like fascination with feathered friends.  She is feeding the birds and getting an up-close and personal glimpse.  I was also interested in the different-colored circular paths in the park, and made those part of the composition.


Brooke for web

I loved the expression on this little girl’s face, kind of tired and hot, and wishing for an ice cream. Not your typical posed smiley face.

I’ve started using ampersand textured boards for painting, and I love the surface, more fine than canvas, but not as slick as gessoed boards. If I only paint lightly on the boards, it looks a little like watercolors.

Brooke is available through dailypaintworks.com or by contacting me using the contact form on the contact page.


Feeding Fishes

Mia, my great niece, is one of my favorite subjects to paint.  I am biased, but I think she’s a beautiful child. It’s fun to try to capture her spirit and bright personality.  She is the subject of my latest piece, Feeding Fishes available through Daily Paintworks: http://www.dailypaintworks.com/fineart/linda-delia/feeding-fishes/331065.

My great nephew, Bradley, will be the subject of my next series of paintings.  This lively little guy will be portrayed doing some of his favorite things.  Stay tuned.